Being QIND:

One Company's Mission to Help Others

By Bobby Keough

June 12, 2018


Cannabis; it’s always a touchy topic no matter who you talk to, but in today’s changing landscape it is becoming more and more a part of the conversation. As more and more of America begins to legalize, the conversation is shifting away from “is it right or wrong?” towards “how can I make money off of this?” and there’s no better time to get in on an industry then right before it booms. While its becoming more and more common, the average consumer is still, for the most part, completely in the dark about the topic, having been fed contradicting ideas for decades, causing and uphill battle for the industry. Going off of this idea of cannabis bringing about conversation, as well as many questions, QIND has found a way to capitalize and monetize the ever growing discussion by forming a company around that very idea; people want a safe, comfortable, worry-free space to discuss and learn about this new evolving market and products. Lyn Christensen and Kellyann Lamb recently gave insight to the concept of QIND’s at home cannabis parties. QIND’s focus is education, providing a website chock full of all the information one could ever need to know about cannabis and its effects. Through this information a customer is able to pick the exact kind of experience they are looking for in a cannabis product, from the way each product works chemically to the varying effects of all the different strains and methods of ingestion. The idea is to allow people to host a party with their friends, discreetly in the comfort of their own home, while also being able to carefully select what they want, securing a confidence in what they are doing. This is more than your average cannabis delivery service, but a way to help fight the stigma and educate those who may never have considered cannabis as a medicine to begin with. Once the party is set up, QIND sends an expert to lead an educational session about health and wellness, cannabis applications, and safe recreational use, allowing the consumer to not only use the product to its full medical or recreational potential, but also understand scientifically how it works. The customers are then able to ask questions about a variety of different products that they can order to be delivered to their own home. Think of it like a Tupperware party for the modern cannabis world.

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 2.39.55 PM.png

One of the largest misconceptions QIND, and the industry as a whole, is working to battle is the idea of cannabis getting you high. Many, if not most, people fail to realize that cannabis is made up of thousands of different chemical compounds known as cannabinoids, each having a vastly different effect on the body, that all work alongside naturally with the endocannabinoid receptors our body already uses internally to manage its functions, and it’s only one of these chemicals, Tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC, that causes a psychoactive effect. This means that hundreds, if not thousands of people are dismissing something that could significantly improve their well-being simply because they are misinformed, unaware of the many cannabis based products that cause no high. In fact, our body already produces many of these chemicals itself, so in many cases cannabis is actually a more healthy, natural alternative to some of the synthetic medicines that are designed to merely mimic these chemicals.


Along with this misconception, it seems many people are scared off by the concept of smoking, not informed of all of the simpler alternatives that may work perfectly into their lifestyle such as medicated cookies or topical creams. Science has come a long way, and gone are the days of the simple joint. Today's cannabis consumers have a never ending list of ways to partake. From concentrated hash pens, similar to many popular cigarettes for nicotine but instead with THC or CBD, to medicated lemonade the choices are endless. This allows for anyone to find a way that works for them, whether it be using a vaporizer, taking a CBD pill, or eating gourmet medicated s'more brownies.