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ALTS Capital Summit  •  May 1  •  Montage Beverly Hills

Master Class in LP Sourcing

10:00-10:15   Conference Introduction

10:15-11:15     Master Class Session 1: Investor Sourcing

  • The Current Market for LP Investors
  • Positioning Your Fund to Raise Capital
  • Branding, Branding, Branding
  • How to Optimize a Conference

11:15-11:30     Morning Break

11:30-12:30   Master Class Session 2: Closing the Deal

  • Best Practices for Closing Allocations
  • Due Diligence: Am I Up to Speed?
  • Do I Have the Right Service Providers?

12:30-1:45     Buffet Lunch with Keynote Address By Ron Geffner

2:00-3:00     Master Class Session 3: Institutions

  • How do I Find the Right Institutions?
  • What NOT to do: The Biggest Mistakes
  • Patience, Patience, Patience!

3:00-3:30    Afternoon Break

3:30-4:30    Master Class Session 4: Family Offices

  • How Do I Get in Front of the Right Family Offices?
  • Single Family Office vs Multi Family Office
  • What do Family Offices Really Look For?

4:30-5:30    Master Class Session 5: The GP Perspective

  • Hear From Fellow GP's
  • What Works and What Does Not
  • Best "Out-of-the-Box" Method For Closing LP's

5:30-6:15    Cocktails and  Networking

6:30-9:00    Private Dinners



Closed Door Investor-Only Roundtable

12:30-1:45     Buffet Lunch with Keynote Address 

1:45-3:00      Roundtable Session 1

  • Direct Investing vs Co-Investing vs Funds
  • Weighting Asset Class Allocations

3:00-3:30    Afternoon Break

3:30-4:30    Roundtable Session 2

  • Impact Investing: Let's Make a Difference

5:30-6:15    Cocktails and  Networking

6:30-9:00    Private Dinners