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Cadena Investments, Inc.


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The next generation platform for cryptocurrency and blockchain funds.

Cadena is the fastest, most cost effective way to launch a blockchain or cryptocurrency fund. Period.Cadena is more than a launchpad. It's the first turnkey platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency funds to launch.

Speed to Market

Spend time focused on trading and marketing—not months on just getting to market.

Cost Efficiency

Introduce your fund to economies of scale with vetted service providers, better pricing, and streamlined relationship management.

Investor Readiness

Incorporates decades of experience across all verticals of alternative investments. 


We focus entirely on blockchain and digital currencies strategies, a truly synergistic partnership between fund, investor and platform.

Due Diligence. Check.

Meet due diligence requirements through continual integration of best practices, regulatory developments, and technology.

Institutional Approach

Benefit from an institutional approach to investor adaption and continued network growth.